A Wonderful and Terrifying Reality of Being a Teacher, and Why I Can’t Quit Now.

I am fortunate to know the author of this piece as well as his family. He is a kind soul, a learned scholar and has the right kind of attitude for someone that is altering the course of people’s lives. Whether you are an educator or not, I hope you will take this in. It applies every bit as much to how you interact with the world as it does them. Be careful what you toss into another person’s life, you might irrevocably change it.

Stupid Optimism

Originally this post was going to be all about teaching, and about a student who stood for all students, and how we, as teachers, can affect a life. But then life happened, as it does, and I put it off. Now, the election happened, and I must do something about how I feel or I may split open like an overripe fruit, spilling my seething insides onto the uncaring ground. I realize that it’s ultimately ineffectual, that very few people will see this, and fewer will care, but what I need, what we all need, is a catharsis right now; something positive in the face of all this negativity we seem to be feeling as a nation. Trump supporters, and Hillary backers, and those still feeling the Bern, I submit this message to you.


A few weeks ago I received a message from a former student of mine, an alumni who…

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