Yes, Preschool Teachers Really Do Treat Black And White Children Totally Differently

(this article and the image come to us from The Huffington Post)

When Tunette Powell’s 4-year-old son first got suspended from his preschool class in 2014, she assumed that she needed to be doing something different as a parent.  The second time her son JJ got suspended, Powell began to think that maybe it was “just the fate” of her child.

Her thinking only turned around after she attended a birthday party for one of her son’s preschool classmates. Powell and her children are black, but most of the other parents at the party were white. When she mentioned to the group that her son had been suspended for behaviors like allegedly throwing a chair, they were shocked. Their kids had committed worse behaviors, but were only punished with a phone call home.

“Implicit bias is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can sure see its effects,” said Yale professor Walter Gilliam. “Implicit biases do not begin with black men and police, they begin with young black boys and their preschool teachers, if not earlier.”

Powell said. “To tell a child he’s a danger at 3 years old, that is unacceptable. If he remembers even the slightest bit of that, what kind of psychological effect might that even have on him?”

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